I am a graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in Mathematics at Washington State University Vancouver. I currently hold a research assistantship with Dr. Bala Krishnamoorthy.

My research focus is in Topological Data Analysis, and specifically in addressing aspects of the field that make it unapproachable by outsiders. This work has motivated my open source software contributions and theoretical work on the mapper algorithm. I am maintainer and developer of Scikit-TDA, Kepler Mapper,, and Persim, all TDA libraries built to integrate naturally into the Python data science ecosystem. I also am currently exploring applications of TDA to astrophysics spectroscopy, neural networks, and interactive machine learning.


Before returning to graduate school, I worked as a software developer and analytics consultant for two years. In 2015, I obtained my undergraduate degree was in Mathematics from University of Hawai’i Manoa where I worked with Dr. Yuriy Mileyko characterizing minute shape change of MRI and with Dr. Brian Bingham developing environmental and robotic control simulations.



Curriculum Vitae